Milgard windows and doors are top quality when it comes to residential window projects. The combination of super-strong vinyl for the frame and great high-quality glass makes for a great window that builders and homeowners love for their projects. Get a free estimate for your MILGARD windows by calling (408) 567-9969.

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Yes! A dual pane energy efficient Milgard windows STYLINE and TUSCANY.

  • Easy, Clean, and perfect installations.

  • Custom to fit perfectly.


  • Great looking white new windows.


  • Easy to open and close.


  • Nice and warm bedrooms.

Most installations completed in 1 to 3 Days.

  • Block Frame Installation.

  • Retrofit installation.

  • New Construction Installation 

  • Complete clean up and removal of all debris.

Yelp Review from: Debbie G. 
From: San Jose, CA

You get:

  • Custom Vinyl windows for your home.

  • Windows to replace your existing wood, aluminum or steel windows.


  • Sliding glass patio doors.


  • Double pane glas

  • Low E  glass, the most energy efficient glass.

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We had such a great experience with Cordova construction. Reuben and his team went the extra mile to please us. They did a great job on our new built windows and the foam borders around the windows. They look great!  Rueben and the team were always available for our questions or concerns. Loved their work and the quality of the windows.. To top it all off the price was right!
Thank you Ruben and team!